Sourdough Pizza

Every Friday + Saturday evening | from 5:30pm - 9:00pm | 01722 743328 to order.

Please bear with us when placing an order - we are operating on a super core team of friends, family and a small number of staff, whilst the majority of our staff are furloughed.

1. Hampshire Buffalo Mozzarella + Fresh Basil | 9

Enjoying the best of basic ingredients doesn't make you boring x
Sourdough Pizza

2. Artichoke, Anchovy + Caper | 11

These are proper anchovies and not from tins. They taste salty and fishy at the same time. They look like very tiny salmons.
Sourdough Pizza

3. Prosciutto Ham, Bath Blue Cheese, Potato, Wild Garlic Pesto | 13

Potato on pizza, we hear you ask. It's beauty not blasphemy. Try it and you'll get extra next time.
Sourdough Pizza

4. Mushroom, Truffle + Westcombe Ricotta | 12

Arguably a selection of the finest things to spawn from the earth. Apart from Westcombe Ricotta, which comes from local cows.
Sourdough Pizza

5. Nduja Sausage + Hampshire Buffalo Mozzarella | 12

The reason we number our pizzas is so we don't have to pronounce Nduja (en-doo-ya, we think). Slightly spicy.
Sourdough Pizza
Garlic + Herb Dip | 2
Wild Garlic + Walnut Pesto Dip | 2
Pitted Garlic + Chilli Olives | 3
Blonde Brothers Craft Lager / Pale Ale | 2.75
Bottle Running Duck Shiraz, South Africa, 2019 | 12.5
Bottle Running Duck Chenin / Sauvignon, South Africa, 2019 | 12.5
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