Sourdough Pizza

Every Friday + Saturday evening | from 5:30pm - 9:00pm | 01722 743328 to order.

Please bear with us when placing an order - we are operating on a super core team of friends, family and a small number of staff, whilst the majority of our staff are furloughed.

1. Hampshire Buffalo Mozzarella + Fresh Basil | 9

Enjoying the best of basic ingredients doesn't make you boring x
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2. Artichoke, Anchovy + Caper | 11

These are proper anchovies and not from tins. They taste salty and fishy at the same time. They look like very tiny salmons.
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3. Prosciutto Ham, Bath Blue Cheese, Potato, Wild Garlic Pesto | 13

Potato on pizza, we hear you ask. It's beauty not blasphemy. Try it and you'll get extra next time.
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4. Mushroom, Truffle + Westcombe Ricotta | 12

Arguably a selection of the finest things to spawn from the earth. Apart from Westcombe Ricotta, which comes from local cows.
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5. Nduja Sausage + Hampshire Buffalo Mozzarella | 12

The reason we number our pizzas is so we don't have to pronounce Nduja (en-doo-ya, we think). Slightly spicy.
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Garlic + Herb Dip | 2
Wild Garlic + Walnut Pesto Dip | 2
Pitted Garlic + Chilli Olives | 3
Blonde Brothers Craft Lager / Pale Ale | 2.75
Bottle Running Duck Shiraz, South Africa, 2019 | 12.5
Bottle Running Duck Chenin / Sauvignon, South Africa, 2019 | 12.5
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In light of the current pandemic, we will constantly evaluate the way we welcome you and the way we do things. For more information, click here.